Who & How I help.

My Philosophy:

  • You are whole, capable, resourceful and resilient

  • You know yourself best and I will follow your agenda

  • I will be non-judgmental and compassionate, while communicating honestly and directly

  • I support you in discovering new things about yourself, or rediscovering what you may have forgotten

  • I will create a supportive learning laboratory

  • The coach/client relationship is a sacred and confidential place where nothing is off-limits

Image by Ashley Batz


Coaching Objectives:

  • To use evidence-based best coaching practices from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness

  • To challenge limiting beliefs, uncover thinking mistakes and learn methodologies to disrupt them

  • To cultivate self-awareness in service of personal and professional goals

  • To focus on both the "nitty-gritty" details and the bigger picture of who you are becoming in the world

  • To identify and work with your strengths, acknowledge your gaps, and design actions to grow

  • To clarify and understand your deepest values and create actions in alignment with them

  • To help you live with greater mindfulness and intention

  • Uncover or rediscover what is most important to you through the process of inquiry

  • Design a stress-reduction plan tailored to your life

Coach Offerings:

Our Work Together and Logistics: 
  • Change takes time​, commitment and dedication
  • We can meet on Zoom, Skype, by phone or in my home office

Proposed Coaching Engagement:
  • 3-6 months meetings - every other week for 45 minutes or every week for a 1/2 hour
  • Custom designed coaching package

Email me here with questions or book online here.

"It's hard to put in words how valuable and insightful Jory is as a trainer and a coach. She was always able to dig deep and ask those powerful questions that helped me discover what I was feeling, thinking or needed to do! She works her 'coaching magic' in a fun, challenging, curious and thought provoking way. I am beyond grateful for the coaching skills I learned as one of Jory's clients." Margalit G, Business Owner