Business and Executive Coaching is right for you if you:

  • Want to improve your communication and leadership skills

  • Want to level up 

  • Are feeling burnt out and are craving greater work-life balance

  • Are suffering from imposter syndrome

  • Are ready for your next level at work, but aren't clear about what that is or how to get there

  • Are struggling with organization and time management

  • Want to learn strategies to reduce and manage stress, increase focus and work smarter, but not harder

  • Are ready to start planning your legacy

  • Want to understand your strengths and leverage them, while addressing your gaps mindfully

  • Want to create a bigger impact in and out of work by understanding your values and living by them

  • Are ready to challenge your beliefs and learn evidenced-based to manage them, practices  and create new ways of thinking

  • Want to create greater connection,  purpose and passion at work

  • If you are ready to invest in yourself, please choose email me or choose the best pathway for you here.

Business Conversation
Support Group
Business Tune-Up

50 Minute Session

  • 50 minutes

  • Solution-Focused Coaching

  • Follow-Up Summary Email

  • $149

Woman in Suit
Thrive Coaching

6 Sessions

  • 45 minute sessions every other week for up to 3 months

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Weekly email check-in

  • Follow-Up Summary Email

  • $849

Deep Dive Coaching

12 Sessions

  • 45-minute sessions every week or every other week for up to six months

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Follow-Up Summary Email

  • $1799

Jory was my trainer and mentor coach in completing my 60-hour life coaching certification with Fast Track Coaching Academy. Intuitive, an active listener, and an amazing mentor with a wealth of coaching knowledge, I give Jory my highest recommendation in her work as not only as a trainer and mentor but as a life coach too. She was the cornerstone of our training sessions and always did an excellent job of developing my coaching skills over our 6 months together. You're lucky if you have the opportunity to work or learn from her.


Max Linkoff, Executive &Personal Coach, Agile Enthusiast, Founder of the Weekend Sabbatical